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As early as 1948, the Hans Fisch Company in Zug (Switzerland) was developing and distributing the first multi-grain diamond dressing tools. The company today is in its third generation, and NEO DRESS AG continues to develop these tools continuously. As a manufac-turer of diamond dressing tools and Borazon and diamond tools, NEO DRESS AG company uses its numerous years of experience to provide you with solutions to your dressing tasks. NEO DRESS AG is your skilled partner for standard tools and complex special dressing tools to galvanic diamond layers and diamond and Borazon dressing wheels.


We only use select and qualitatively flawless raw materials for our products. This includes natural diamonds to synthetic products such as PCD, MCD, CVD, and CBN.


NEO DRESS AG stands for qualified, professional advice for customers, from the project planning phase to implementation and beyond. We are also pleased to produce completely unique, tailor-made dressing tools in single lots for you.

Our standard is whatever the customer wants!


A defined grinding wheel geometry and topography is created when dressing a grinding wheel. To put it simply, dressing adds a thread profile to the grinding wheel. The larger the lateral feed is, the rougher the profile will be. To a large degree this influences the resulting grinding force, the surface roughness of the ground component, and the time interval until the next dressing process. In order to be able to adjust the dressing tool and dressing process parameters effectively, diverse setting sizes must be considered.

  • grinding wheel specifications (dimension, grain, etc.)
  • dressing task (geometry, surface roughness, material to be cut)
  • machine specifications (conventional, controlled, cooling, etc.)

    In order to keep the resulting force as low as possible during dressing, it is absolutely necessary to adjust the dressing tool to the grinding wheel as optimally as possible. Our special compositions enable us to create very small aggregate with a very high concentration of diamond, especially in the area of multi-grain dressing. This allows extremely precise dressing without any undesired side effects resulting.

    In this case, an optimal solution results from numerous parameters, although even the smallest details need to be considered. NEO DRESS AG will help you get the best out of your overall grinding process with optimal dressing for your grinding wheel.