DRESSO single point tools feature select natural diamonds in the best quality.

DRESSO single point dressing tools are used for dressing straight and single-profiled grinding wheels, especially for dressing internal grinding wheels, and for dressing control wheels for centreless grinding. Single point diamonds are normally applied at an angle of 10 - 15° to the grinding wheel axis. It is extremely important to adjust the size of the diamond to the grinding wheel dimensions, otherwise, the single point tools could wear down relatively fast. In order to achieve good cutting results in spite of this, it is important to keep the tool from getting too worn down. This can be avoided by turning the single point dressing tool 90° from time to time. For single-grain diamonds that exhibit too much wear and that may not be used for dressing anymore, NEO DRESS AG offers a diamond re-setting service.

DRESSO single point tools feature select natural diamonds in the best quality. We only use natural diamonds featuring a regular octahedral shape and a maximum natural tip that are free from inclusions and cracks. We therefore guarantee the constant quality of our natural diamonds.

An important factor is to determine the optimal overlap rate. This is a critical contributor to the grinding results. The overlap rate results from the product of the effective width of the dressing tool and the rotation speed of the grinding wheel over the dressing traverse speed in mm/min.
Degree of overlap
2 - 3 = rough grinding ud  -  Degree of overlap
3 - 4 = universal grinding bd  - effective width of dressing tool [mm]
4 - 6 = finishing ns - revolution of wheel [min-1]]
 > 6 = superfinishing vd - lateral dressing feed [mm/min]
bsls - Abrasive grit size [mm]

 =  bd . ns / ud
ud  =  bd . ns / vd
udmax  =  grit size of grinding wheel [usmesh] / 15
Shedule of grit size
AAs a rule of thumb, the dressing speed with single point diamonds may also be calculated via the following form.

 =  bsls/2 bis bsls/1 ns

Abrasive grain Average grit size Einkorn
54 = 0.300mm
60 = 0.250mm
80 = 0.180mm
120 = 0.100mm
150 = 0.080mm
180 = 0.070mm
220 = 0.060mm
380 = 0.030mm

Single point dressing tools

We offer DRESSO single point tools, grinded or featuring a natural tip, in the best standard quality. If you do not want to reset your DRESSO single point tools, then we also offer consumable single point dressing tools upon request. The best quality differs from the standard quality because the stones feature especially consistent and attractive shapes. The three deliverable qualities have no influence on the diamond quality itself.

For this kind of tools we offer service of resetting and regrinding of used tools.